Kevin L. Hughes

 Lectures, Talks, Retreats 

  • What is the 'New Atheism'? Easttown Public Library, 2008

  • Bonaventure and The Soul's Journey into God: A Spiritual Classic, Great Spiritual Books, Immaculate Conception Seminary, 2007.

  • Come Let Us Climb the Lord's Mountain: Jews and Christians and Scriptural Reasoning,   Holocaust Memorial Conference, Purdue University, March 2007.

  • Why Catholic? Basic Questions about the Catholic Faith, joint lecture series with Deacon John Lozano, St. Norbert Church, 2006

  • Codes and DaVinci: Thinking through the DaVinci Code Phenomenon, Easttown Public Library, 2005, 2006

  • What's 'Franciscan' about Franciscan Spirituality?  St. John the Evangelist Church, Fall  2004-2007

  • Holiness: A "How To" Manual   Archdiocese of Philadelphia Young Adult Conference, September 2004

  • Men in Christ: The Christian Life for Men, without beating drums or howling at the moon...  Retreat for Young Adult Men, June 2004

  • Resurrection Faith: What Happened to Jesus; What Happens to Us.”  St. Teresa of Avila Parish, Trooper, PA, Spring 2003.

  • “Why Do We Suffer?”  Public Lecture, Young Adult Ministry of Montgomery County, PA, Theology on Tap, Fall 2002.

  • “Life of the Spirit and Life of the Church, or why I bother to show up on Sunday,” Public Lecture, Archdiocese of Philadelphia Young Adult Ministries, Theology on Tap, Summer 2002.


  • “Finding Christ in Pop Culture: Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.” Public lecture, Archdiocese of Philadelphia Young Adult Ministries, Springfest 2002.


  • “Understanding Islam: A Catholic Perspective.” Public Lecture, St. Katharine of Siena Church, Wayne, PA, December 2001.


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