What to do with a Response Paper:

These assignments are informal, and so there's no set way that it needs to be.  The papers can even be hand-written, if that's easier for you.

But here's some additional guidance.

These are working documents, not polished writing (we'll have plenty of time for the latter). Since the goal is to digest the reading in preparation for discussion, you might want to experiment with formatting your answers in the form of talking points/bullets.  

If I were doing this, I'd frame a response of sorts to the question in one or two bullets, and then give myself a few concrete reference points (page numbers) in the text where I could demonstrate what I mean. Then, if I had time, I might note what else was of interest to me in the text, something that the questions didn't necessarily ask but I thought worth noting. I'd give myself a bullet or two on that.

That's just a suggestion, and if it's easier to write a few paragraphs, that's fine, too. Giving many, many public talks and lectures over the last 10 years has taught me that bullets are often more useful than a full text when conversation is the goal.